My AdvoCare Journey

I have actually been an AdvoCare Independent Distributor 2 different times, funny enough. For some reason, all those years ago, I did not take the opportunity that was placed in my lap and run with it.

My initial AdvoCare story:

Literally the Tuesday after I graduated from high school, I started college taking summer, fall, and spring classes, without breaks, so I could get to nursing school faster. The summer of 2008, I was 19, and I was accepted into nursing school in my hometown to earn my Associates Degree in Nursing to become a RN. I am 5’10” and weighed 240 lbs at that time. I was miserable being overweight, had been overweight since I was a child, and finding time to take care of myself was difficult. My friend, Samantha, introduced me to AdvoCare Spark and explained how it would help me with energy and focus. I tried it, obviously fell in love with it, and needed more and more. We were sitting at her house one evening and I was discussing my weight with her and how miserable I was with it. She discussed the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge with me and how it gives you the tools I would need to achieve weight loss and get adequate nutrition that I had been lacking. I told her that I could not afford that and she explained to me that if I was a distributor, I would get all my purchases at 20% initially. (The Preferred Customer Program was not a thing back then). At that time, it cost $79 to join, but you got your starter pack and I got my 24 Day Challenge at 20% off. I started my challenge around the beginning of August and lost 16 lbs and 14 1/2 inches in 24 days! I felt amazing and had so much more energy! I continued to drink spark and take catalyst after the 24 days was up, and by the end of December, I was down to 200lbs! Even though nursing school was wearing me out, as some of you may know, Spark and other AdvoCare products were helping keep my energy level and focus up.

Now, even though I was a distributor, I would sell some spark here and there, and made back my initial $79 I had spent to become a distributor fairly quickly, but I did not pay attention to the training lessons that AdvoCare hands you to build your business, nor did anything that would help me along my business journey. So, by the time I graduated from nursing school in 2010, even though I had managed to get my weight all the way down to 155 lbs and felt amazing, I just let my AdvoCare membership laps and just went to work as a nurse. I thought “this is the dream!” I am in no way dogging the nursing profession, I am indeed still a practicing nurse to this day, but as a new nurse, you do not consider the setbacks you may come across as a nurse, or the heartache it can sometimes cause you.

Let’s fast forward 4 years later… Paul and I plan our wedding for Sept. 20th, 2014… Even though I had managed to keep my weight between 170-180 lbs, I was going to be a BRIDE! HELLO?! I had to be the most slim, fit, most beautiful bride there ever was! I remembered AdvoCare and the success that I had gotten with the 24 Day Challenge before. I called up my friend, Samantha, who had introduced me all those years before and asked her how I could renew my membership. Took a bit, but hey, I got it done! It was like starting my business all over again… I got my starter pack and business information and I received my 24 Day Challenge at a 20% discount. I did my challenge, at healthy, worked out, and managed to get my weight down to 165 lbs and toned by my wedding day. Not to toot my own horn, but I looked amazing!

The success that I got with my challenge sparked interest in others. I gave out samples of spark here and there, advertised some on social media, and when I saw it sparking more and more people’s interest, the ACTUAL BUSINESS intrigued me. I still did not follow all the tools that AdvoCare literally gives you in the palm of your hand to succeed, because my pride got the best of me… I had an “if I fail, I will look stupid” attitude. I did manage to work my way up to advisor, which means you earn a 40% discount, and have 5 different ways to earn income rather than 2. I did manage to recruit a few people here and there and made new customers, but I was no leader. I wasn’t a good leader at all. I was not following up with people. I was not encouraging people. I was helping no one, not even myself. I kept the same prideful attitude about me. “Well if people like the product, they will get it. No need to talk to people and HELP them in any way. Who cares?!” But deep down inside, the answer was simple… I care!

Being a nurse, although it is rewarding at times, it is very draining. In the fall of 2015, my husband and I found out that we were pregnant. I was a nervous wreck because not only was being a nurse draining me, but now I was going to be drained at work AND at home?! AHHHH! (but this is a story for a different day).

Our beautiful baby girl was born June 2016, after a very difficult pregnancy (again, story for a different day). By the time that I had her, I had gone from 170 lbs to a whopping 250 lbs! I felt like my belly hung down to my kneecaps! (insert any type of belly swinging to your knees joke here) I was so happy to have our baby girl here and healthy, but I was so miserable every time I looked in the mirror. All I saw was “blaaahhhhh”. Just a sad-looking, fat, belly hanging, mom who would never be attractive again. When family would come over to visit, a couple of my nieces asked me if I still had another baby in my belly. Of course kids say things, but it’s still hurtful. Despite the fact that my husband finds me attractive no matter what physical appearance I may have, it still all bothered me. Even months after having her, I felt like the baby weight was just going to hang on for dear life!

It did not help that I was making poor nutritional choices left and right. I was attempting to breastfeed, so I was only eating things that did not upset Hazel Quinn’s tummy through my milk, and junk foods were literally the things that she handled better (I assure you, I am NOT making that up). Every time I would eat anything healthy, she would get all gassy and fussy. So I ate what she wanted, basically. While I was stuffing a cheeseburger down my throat, I would point hateful fingers at myself demanding to know why, oh why, I wasn’t losing my baby weight?! I mean, wasn’t it obvious?!

December 1, 2016, after I had stopped breastfeeding, I decided my life was going to change. I started a 24 Day Challenge and went from 240 lbs to 220lbs and lost 13 inches! I was very happy about that! I managed to lose an additional 10 lbs by my birthday in February, bringing my weight down to 210lbs. After my birthday, I went back to binge eating. I thought, “oh I’ll just eat a little…” then a little turned into a lot. I was REALLY getting after it. Like, zero self-control, or self-worth, apparently.

I had started a new job as a nurse in late March 2017, where I would be able to be home more with my baby and family and have a pay raise, which was much needed. The stress, however, was rough. I had been at a job that I pretty much always knew what I was doing, to a job that was a whole new world (if you heard Jasmine and Aladdin singing “A Whole New World” in your head just then, you’re my hero!). I also had some troubles at work that could have cost me my job, and that scared the pants off of me. My family would be, well for lack of better words, SCREWED if I didn’t have my income. What would we do?! Between stress from being a nurse and stress from every day life, I felt like I wasn’t catching a break, and my weight crept back up to 220lbs. Why did I do this to myself?! Why couldn’t I just do what I needed to do?! I obviously know how to do it because I’ve done it before… the answer was right in front of me. My “WHY”.

My beautiful baby girl, who would be a year old in June. She is my reason to find financial freedom and overall health. SHE IS MY WHY. May 15th was my start date for my 24 Day Challenge. I started at 220lbs and in 24 days, I lost 20 lbs and 14 inches! I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING. I began to kick it into high gear to build my business, getting new customers, sending out samples, advertising, and starting my blog. My blog helps hold me accountable all the while helping others by telling my full story.

Most pay periods, I’ve seen MAYBE $20 income in 2 weeks (since I literally have been putting zero, and I mean ZERO, effort into it), but this current pay period, I earned $100 straight from AdvoCare. I know that may not sound like much to you, but that number will continue to grow and grow, believe me, because I refuse to give up. I refuse to quit. I refuse to sink. My family needs me to be happy. My family needs me to be healthy, in mind, body, and spirit. My family deserves financial freedom. I have seen people, with the help of AdvoCare, achieve so much, from better health, to financial freedom.

With AdvoCare, all of that is possible.

You just have to find your “WHY” and refuse to sink.

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